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Concurrent Sessions

发布于:2019-11-28 10:50:13


Venue:Baiyun International Convention Center, Guangzhou, China

Concurrent Session 1:Academician Dialogue:Scientific and Technological Innovation and Synergistic Development

Content:The seminar will invite academicians, scholars, experts and ind ustrial pace-setters in scientific and technological fields, with an aim to implement the innovation-driven development strategy in great intensity, deepen innovation cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, build an open community for coordinated innovation in the region that encompasses integrated development,pool together international innovation resources, enhance the innovation system and policy environment, focus on enhancing the capability for the commercial application of technological achievements, and develop a focused area of global technological innovation and a major source of emerging industries.

Concurrent Session 2:Seminar on Optimizing and Enhancing Business Environment

Content:The seminar will focus on ways to leverage the platforms for opening up and the demonstrative functions of Hong Kong and Macao, support the nine Pearl River Delta municipalities in accelerating the establishment of systems and regulations that are in line with advanced international standards for investment and trade regulation, leverage the decisive role of markets in resource allocation, minimize administrative interference, strengthen integrated market regulation, and create a stable, fair, transparent and predictable business environment.

Concurrent Session 3:Seminar on Innovation of Green Industrial and Financial Cooperation

Content:The seminar will focus on the innovation and development of green finance, integration of finance and green industry and tentative establishment of a new mechanism for industrial and financial cooperation along the “Belt and Road”(“B&R”), in a bid to construct a green platform for the high quality and sustainable development along the “B&R”.

Concurrent Session 4:Seminar on Talents, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Content:The seminar will focus on ways to leverage Hong Kong’s and Macao’s advantages to attract high-end international talents, create a more attractive environment for bringing in talents, accelerate cooperation in the field of education among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, promote free flow of talents within the Greater Bay Area, and provide young people a sound environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Concurrent Session 5:Seminar on Innovation on International Trade and Financial Leasing

Content:The seminar will focus on utilizing financial leasing and innovating financial tools to explore new ways for international cooperation with European countries and African countries, with the purpose of better implementing Belt and RoadInitiative (BRI), promoting capacity exports and boosting RMB internationalization.

Concurrent Session 6:Seminar on China-South Africa People-to-People Exchange Think Tank

Content:The seminar will focus on implementing China-South Africa High-Level People-to-People Exchange Mechanism (PPEM), with an aim to construct a platform for pragmatic cooperation between the two countries’ higher education institutes, research institutes, scholars, NGOs and serve as an example for China-Africa Cooperation.

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